Back and slack

30 Sep

Hi there. Dear reader, forgive me for such a long absence. Partly I’ve been having “too good a time” and there is not always something wrong with that. Honest! Cycling through the Czech Republic, Germany and the Netherlands, visiting towns and cities among these, as well as a sojourn in Scotland, was all part of the plan and it worked out just fine. This isn’t a travel blog so  I should say that the aim of having places to put in my future literary masterpieces – and yes, disasters – has been amply rewarded.

The book I had in mind when I left, now with the title The Living End, also got started, handwritten in my diary. The synopsis was halfway finished when I left, and was tidied up en route. The wriing is just awful, but I am not too worried about that. Getting things in the right order is what matters most in an early draft.

Meanwhile however, my eyes are not the best. Returning to where I live in New Zealand, ready to start a range of projects including hoeing into The Living End but also a big garden plot*, a visit to the specialists who have been trying to get growths off my retinas revealed something much worse in one eye: a detached retina. An operation has hopefully fixed that, but for now I can not really see out of one eye; the other still has a growth on the retina and while I am not stumbling around the house groping my way along walls and bumping into furniture, it is not so far removed from this sorry state. I am also told not to do any hard physical labour – this includes cycling! – for the next little while.

Writing is also not so easy. I can see this in 10 point, on my laptop screen – barely. Ditto photos I have taken by the thousand. . .handwriting is really hard as I discover the joys of one-eyed perspective.

It is easy to make too much of this. I feel lucky to be alive, lucky to see at all, and lucky in a further range of ways that it would be impertinent to express.

All this to say, dear reader, that while this blog and its many wonders is now off the back burner, it merely simmers at  the front. Thank you for your patience. And thank you for reading.

*This is a multiple pun and it’s quite clever according to me, so clever I can’t help pointing it out.

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One response to “Back and slack

  1. Joleene Naylor

    October 6, 2015 at 12:43 am

    Here’s hoping it is better soon!


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