Would it be about a bicycle?*

27 May

It would. Dear reader, it would be a wonderful thing indeed if you were able to swim against what seems to be the prevailing current of our sensational seas and be happy every day, all the time, flicking the fingers to the fickle fate of the ah Fatherland as you frolic in frivolous froth. . . Sorry. I am thinking of a man whose skin is orange and who is flicking his fingers at just about everyone on earth, even the people who made him who he is today. How did he get like that?  More importantly, how long will he stay like that? When his time is run, he could be immersed in aspic, like Laurence Harvey in the film.** It would be a sure drawcard in Washington, much more than the strange remains on Red Square in Moscow. Replicas could be sold at the hotel that bears his name at greatly inflated prices, the proceeds to go to his family trust.

Sigh. Anyway it has been months since I have added to this blog. I haven’t exactly been idle – instead I have been working away on a post dear to my heart that I will now not finish for another six months! No guessing! The reason for such a long wait is that I am headed for Europe again from my home in New Zealand to another cycle tour. This trip is really ambitious, ambitious even beyond reason! It is meant to add resources to my writing so I can pen ever more interesting yarns of whatever type. It is also meant to be good fun. If it is only one of these, I’ll take. . .no, I’m not telling.

If I get a chance and have interesting things to say while I am out there, I’ll post here. . .but if not, well, if you follow the blog, you’ll hear about it eventually.

Thanks for your patience and for reading. Go well, each and every one. . .

*A frequent question from a policeman in Flann O’Brien’s comic novel, The third policeman.

**A dandy in aspic, a novel by Derek Marlowe, was filmed by director Anthony Mann and starred Harvey as a very elegant Russian spy in England.  He looks not unlike Jared Kushner. Honest! Is it life following art? Peter Cook had a minor role. Despite the title and my inspired idea – it’s yuge and bigly too –  the dandy does not really end up in aspic.



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One response to “Would it be about a bicycle?*

  1. Duncan MacGillivray

    May 27, 2017 at 11:11 pm

    Go well in Europe – Enjoy!


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