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Savonarola’s Bones

Laura White left a good business and a lover in Edinburgh to search for a scrap of the bones of Renaissance religious reformer Girolamo Savonarola in southern Germany. She discovers others are also in the hunt for the reliquary, believed to be decorated with paintings by the master Botticelli. Embroiled in the politics of neo-Nazism and terrorism she becomes the prime suspect in a string of murders as she tries to unlock the secret of Savonarola’s bones.


Murder wasn’t what Alex had in mind in the picturesque German village of Sigmaringen, but it was kill or be killed as he tried to keep one step ahead of the law and a drug lord – and complete his thesis on the anti-semitic French writer Louis-Ferdinand Celine.

The Kleiber Monster

Kathe Volker’s desperate attempt to save her husband’s life in the closing days of WWII leads her down a path she would never have thought possible. Decades later, the echo of her adventures in 1945 bounces back into her life loud, clear, and deadly.


Amin Aziz bought a retirement home in Scotland with more than dementia care in mind. Watching the staff carefully, his plan was working out perfectly. But even his co-conspirators did not realise his hidden purpose.

The Russian Idea

Englishman Daniel is hired by Russian oligarch Maxim Maximov to organise and promote Russian cultural centres in Britain and then the wider world. The eccentric need to use the centres to promote the thought of religious philosopher Nikolai Berdyaev sends Daniel in search of expertise in Moscow. As his guide Nadya steers him through the maze, murders follow their every step…

Tobi’s Game

A young German student’s love for a housekeeper in the Munich hostel where he lives in 1942 puts them both in danger, and sends him on a tragic course through the killing fields of the east and beyond. Years later, he returns to the place where they were parted…

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